Fifteen ecstatic, heartful Jewish chants for meditation and personal attunement to your highest self, sung by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, with Lisa Antosofsky and Sheldon Sands. Ashreynu is a beautiful accompaniment to your day, used in your office, kitchen or car to uplift the environment, or as an aid to deepen your meditation and prayer life.

The musicians (from left to right): Lisa Antosofsky, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and Sheldon Sands
  1. Tallit Prayer
  2. Ki Imcha
  3. Elohai Neshama
  4. Ashreynu!
  5. Shema Yisrael
  6. Kaddosh Kaddosh Kaddosh
  7. Shiviti
  8. Heyn Emet Chafatza
  9. Shomreyni El
  10. Harpu
  11. Limnot Yameynu
  12. Psalm 23: Mizmor l’David
  13. Ana El Na
  14. L’ma’an Achai
  15. Takken Olam


$18 for one cd, $16 for two or more.

Shipping and handling: $2 for one cd, $4 for 2-5, $5 for 6-10.

Make check payable to: Yesod Foundation, 508 Rim Road Boulder, CO 80302

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