A Golden Age

  These are the words I spoke on July 3, 2014, before burial, over the body of my Rebbe, Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi.   Beloved Reb Zalman, you prepared us for this day for months, years! Now that it is here it is like a dream. And I am a dreamer here today. So let […]

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Death of A Revolutionary: If A Soul Lives On

Susan Faludi’s painstaking account of Shulie’s life and death (New Yorker 4.15.13) raised my sister’s ghost. As if she were waiting for this final telling and the public assent to her dark trials before she could take her rest. Now the map of her madness has been unfolded, the trail of her exile has been […]

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Bidding Farewell to My Sister Shulamith

Today my sister’s body was lowered into a deep mud hole. It was a simple affair. No fanfare, not even chairs or a tent to cover us from the sun. Just the deep trench, a pile of earth pierced by four shovels, and a few family members standing together sadly, women in long skirts; men […]

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Scapegoats Redux

This week in central Jerusalem—Zion Square—the raw nerve of ethnic tension in Israel was exposed as a town square full of young Israelis erupted in racial violence, chasing Palestinian kids their own age and beating one Palestinian boy unconscious. As they chased their hated target they shouted: Mavet l’Aravim! Death to the Arabs! Hundreds of […]

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Shekinah Monologues Returns

A Return to Shechinah Monologues The Shekhinah Monologues (which rhymes with another set of female monologues you may have heard, laughed and wept at,) is an invocation to the truth of the divine feminine to come forth and through this communication. Once while on a lecture tour in a Southern state, a woman with an […]

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Shekhinah Monologues

  The Shekhinah Monologues January 1, 2010 THE SHAMELESS TRUTH A fresh slate. Modah Ani Lefanecha! How I give thanks to you, Shechinah, for the vast silence of this first cold morning of the year, which, like a field of clean white snow, stretches out before our eyes as sheer possibility. Sheer Possibility! Ours to […]

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