The Woman’s Kabbalah: Ecstatic Jewish Practices for Women

One of America’s leading women rabbis unlocks the Kabbalah’s feminine wisdom.

Kabbalah. The word itself is feminine, meaning “receiving,” yet women have long been excluded from the pursuit of this Jewish mystical tradition. On The Woman’s Kabbalah, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone opens a treasury of meditations and practices especially for women who are interested in this path to inner knowing. Through chant, meditation, and journaling, you will learn how to spark, explore, and express your spiritual self according to the Kabbalah’s once-guarded instructions. Included are specific techniques for contacting and creating a relationship with your maggid (personal spirit guide), connecting with your soul-family, and integrating the Tree of Life into your body and soul.

For the Kabbalah to be a living body of truth, Rabbi Firestone teaches, it must include women in its framework. Now its feminine dimension is finally and richly illuminated through the all-embracing practices on The Woman’s Kabbalah.

“Rabbi Firestone opens the Kabbalah, Jewish mystical tradition, which has generally been closed to woman of all faiths and beliefs. In this collection of meditations and practices, Firestone shares her enthusiasm and belief in the validity of this spiritual tradition for women. She presents historical context and information in the manner of one used to teaching such lessons. Meditations, chants, and techniques are clear and offer encouragement and sufficient direction to serve as a guide to those who would like to explore this spiritual path. The study guide is a helpful complement to the tapes, including the directions for some of the meditations, as well as some general introductory information.” – from AudioFile